The following updates have occurred at the Applied Engineering Repository.  If you have items listed here, items that we have failed to list, or missing manuals and disk images, please contact us using the form on the right-hand column.

Added Serial Pro Manual

Thanks to Antoine Vignau, we now have the Applied Engineering Serial Pro manual.   The manual has been added to the AE Serial Pro Page.   

Major Site Updates

Thanks to Brian Wiser, all sections of the site have received major updates.  Some items have been moved and new items have been added in most sections.

*  Most items have additional photos, new text descriptions, and searchable PDF brochures compiled from multiple AE Catalogs and some magazine ads.   Many additional manuals, GAL Equations and disks were added.

*  History has added some history and an interview with Dan Pote.

*  Many ads have been added, taken from AE Catalogs and magazines.  

*  All:  5.25” drive, Appleworks Expander, Datalink Express, Music Synthesizer, PC Transporter, Heavy Duty Power Supply, RamFactor, Readylink software, and Vulcan added.

*  Apple II:  16k Pocket Rocket and Lowercase ROM Chip added.

*  Apple IIc:  Ram Express DClock added.

*  Apple IIe:  ads and pictures for the rare Transwarp II & Transwarp III, 65816 16 Bit added.

*  Apple IIgs:  Conserver, GS-RAM II-III, RamKeeper, Audio Animator, Sonic Blaster added.

*  New Mac and Amiga sections were added with all known products.

Updated Site to New System

We are now using a new system to produce the site as of today.  Effective immediately, we are publicly releasing this site.

Added AE Cookbook to History

Thanks to Brian Wiser, we now have a special item that is rare indeed.  The Applied Engineering Cookbook is a real cook book filled with recipes from the employees of Applied Engineering in 1988. 

Added GS RAM / RAM Plus manual to the site

Thanks to the efforts of Brian Wiser, we now have a very good copy of the GS RAM / RAM Plus manual available for download.

Added 1990 Catalog

Thanks to Brian Wiser, the 1990 Applied Engineering catalog is now available for download. 

Added 1989 catalog to Catalogs

Thanks to Brian Wiser, we now have the Applied Engineering 1989 Apple II catalog available on the website for download.

Added Woz Ad # 2 to AE ADs

Thanks to Brian Wiser for the Woz ad #2 which was added today to the Ads section of the web site.

Added Transwarp II Manual and Photo

Thanks to Jamie Steffens, we now have the Transwarp II Manual and the card photo available for download in the library.

Added front side pictures of most AE Items

Thanks to Brian Wiser and Bill Martens, we now have front side pictures of most of the Applied Engineering cards.  More will be added as they become available.

Added AE Mac and AE Amiga Catalogs

Thanks to Brian Wiser, we now have the Applied Engineering Macintosh and Amiga catalogs online.  

Added AE Catalogs 1984-1988

Thanks to Brian Wiser, we now have all of the Applied Engineering Apple II catalogs from 1984 to 1988.  They have been added to the library and are now available for download.

Site Goes Live

The Applied Engineering site is now live.  With photos, software, and manuals for Applied Engineering items, this site is now the ultimate resource for your Applied Engineering items.

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