Major Site Updates

Thanks to Brian Wiser, all sections of the site have received major updates.  Some items have been moved and new items have been added in most sections.

*  Most items have additional photos, new text descriptions, and searchable PDF brochures compiled from multiple AE Catalogs and some magazine ads.   Many additional manuals, GAL Equations and disks were added.

*  History has added some history and an interview with Dan Pote.

*  Many ads have been added, taken from AE Catalogs and magazines.  

*  All:  5.25” drive, Appleworks Expander, Datalink Express, Music Synthesizer, PC Transporter, Heavy Duty Power Supply, RamFactor, Readylink software, and Vulcan added.

*  Apple II:  16k Pocket Rocket and Lowercase ROM Chip added.

*  Apple IIc:  Ram Express DClock added.

*  Apple IIe:  ads and pictures for the rare Transwarp II & Transwarp III, 65816 16 Bit added.

*  Apple IIgs:  Conserver, GS-RAM II-III, RamKeeper, Audio Animator, Sonic Blaster added.

*  New Mac and Amiga sections were added with all known products.

Please take a minute to look over the site and contact us if you can contribute anything.

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