Dealer Catalogs and More Brochures Added

After a massive effort on the part of Brian Wiser, we now have a number of Dealer related items including Price Lists, Dealer News and other items that only authorized Applied Engineering Dealers would have had access to.

There are also a number of new brochures added to the site and more Mac related items added under the Mac section of the website.

Note about the items found in the AE Repository:  Before you go adding these items to your own website, keep in mind that the brochures found on this website are derivative works of art created by Brian Wiser.  

These fine works have been copied onto other sites, without credit and the people running those sites actually have the gall to strip the metacredits out and claim that the brochures were created by AE back in the 1980's.  Newsflash:  They weren't!  They were created in 2008-2012 specifically for the AE Repository.

Please respect the work and the efforts of the contributers by leaving their metacredits in place.

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