ReadyLink Software

ReadyLink modem software is fully Hayes compatible up to 2400 bps, and features 132-column VT100 emulation, XModem, XModem/CRC, XModem/ProDOS and YModem (non-batch) with automatic protocol selection on both sending and receiving. 

The Mac-like desktop interface can be operated from either mouse or keyboard and automatically configures the hardware setup. 

Macros can be easily written.  In fact, the software actually "watches" you log on the first time and "learns" how to do it for you the next time. 

ReadyLink's built-in conference mode lets you enter a sentence or message in one piece and then send it all at once. And the automatic rate calculator continually meters online costs to help keep track of phone bills.  Compatible with II+, IIe, IIc, and IIgs.

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