RamFactor comes with 256K, 512k or 1 MEG on the main board, and is further expandable via a 4 MEG Expander card.

With the RamCharger battery back-up option, the low power RamFactor will retain programs and data for over 10 hours during power failures. Compatible with II+, IIe, and IIgs.

Diagnostic software was part of the A2/A3 Appleworks Expander disks.

RamFactor - revision
RamFactor 4 Meg Expander
RamCharger - inside
RamFactor Brochure
RamFactor Manual 1.5
RamCharger Manual
RamFactor disk
RamFactor Diagnostics
RamFactor ROM 1.0
RamFactor ROM 1.1
RamFactor ROM 1.3
RamFactor ROM 1.4

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